Teyana Taylor gave a stellar performance at NYFW last week, and she continues to prove she's a breakout star. Taylor appeared on Hot 97 and chopped it up on Ebro In the Morning. The starlet talked about her Janet Jackson look at the VMAs this year, her standout performance during Fashion Week, and her breast reduction.

"When [her daughter] Junie was born, I was like a double E and [I'm] so small. I was going through it," Taylor shared, reflecting on her experiences breastfeeding. "I had to get all that taken out. Because I'm so small."

Explaining that she feels better since the reduction, Taylor shared that it was a great decision.

"It's too much. I took 'em all the way down."

And in case you missed it, Teyana was a sensation at NYFW.

"I just gained like 300,000 followers from Fashion Week alone from people like 'Who is this girl?'" Taylor shared. "I've been in the same white wig because everybody was like 'Who is this girl in the white hair? We want the white hair!'"

Taylor also talked about Kanye West producing her new project.

"I did two weeks in Calabasas with Ye," she shared. "I played some of the album. He back on his s---, I must say. Imma keep it a buck."

Taylor says that Kanye is rejuvenated from a creative standpoint.

"I played him the records he started like producing shit just from the table. He's back on making his beats. I was like 'Welcome back, Ye. Welcome back, my n----.' He back and the album is gonna be crazy."

Watch Teyana Taylor at NYFW:


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