Just days after Drake dropped his video for 'Marvin's Room,' singer Teyana Taylor has returned with a visual of her own, to the tune of her take on Drizzie's melancholy rumination on an ex-lover, entitled 'Her Room.'

Touching herself on the floor and showing off her body in a skintight cut-off wifebeater for the majority of the black and white clip, Taylor's offering may not match Drake's narrative, but the video, which also features Omarion -- in some steamy skin-on-skin scenes -- will likely please fans.

Director Taj says of the inspiration behind the visual, "'Her Room' is a depiction of the battle between our hearts and minds when our worlds are seemingly shattered by the downside of love. This piece is intended to relate to everyone that's been down a similar road. We hope this helps."

Though the blurry video is only six minutes long, it feels far longer, drawing the maudlin tune to its obvious finale, with Taylor crouching on her kitchen floor, draped in shadow, hair in her face, belting out the Lauryn Hill-inspired last lines "Where were you, when I needed you?"

In other news, Taylor was recently cleared of the rumored assault charge she received in April, after allegedly beating a woman in defense of her pal Chris Brown.