Teyana Taylor is no stranger to the stage. But even though she's performed at venues around the country, there's just something so special about performing in her hometown of New York City. So after the "VII Unplugged" Tour kicked off in Washington, D.C., on April 26, she and her crew took the show to Irving Plaza and performed to a packed crowd.

Unlike other shows, Teyana wanted to bring back the theatrics. She took us into her dark and creepy world, which was emphasized by her dancers as well as a clip that played before her set. Despite the atmosphere, the concert quickly felt like Teyana jamming in her living room -- but with high energy choreography. She performed selections from her last album, VII, including "Put Your Love On," "Business" and "Just Different, to which her fans enthusiastically sang along. She also played a snippet of her new collaboration with Chris Brown, "Freak On."

And Taylor paid tribute to Prince by including an extended dance break to his classic hit "Kiss." While the concert was so special that it eventually brought Teyana to tears, it was her baby daughter Junie, who stole the show; she slept in the Harlem singer's arms as she performed "Sorry." Her show was a testament to Teyana's talents as a performer. She may have been away for a minute but she is back and ready to show everyone what she can do.

See the photos from Teyana Taylor's show in the gallery above.