Have you heard about what the Texas State Board of Education just did? The conservative-controlled body was reviewing textbook standards and made some, quite frankly, bonkers changes to the school curriculum in history and government across the state. Perhaps the biggest victim was the wide subject of social studies, which includes mass music and cultural movements throughout America's history. See where I'm heading? Teaching hip-hop will now be banned in Texas schools.

According to About.com, "Board members failed to restore hip-hop music to the draft proposal's high school social studies standard on culture. Despite recommendations by experts that students be allowed to study the impact of cultural movements in art and music, the board's seven social conservatives voted to eliminate hip-hop as an option, citing offensive nature of rap lyrics."

This is completely illogical. The way many students become absorbed in education is through culture. Whether they relate to hip-hop or punk rock, studying social change, entrepreneurship and periodic history builds knowledge. You can do this by learning about movements in music, art and literature.

Even those against pulling hip-hop were pretty skewed in their reasoning. One in particular, Rep. Rick Agosto of San Antonio, voiced his opposition to deleting hip-hop from textbook options, but he was only opposed because they left the Beat Generation untouched. They should both be in! Both movements tout individual freedom, writing, expression and being able to make your own way in American society from nothing.

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