Last month, The BoomBox reported the news that 'Pink Friday' creator Nicki Minaj was apparently the victim of an assault that occurred at posh Hotel Palomar in Dallas on July 12. While the Queens native vehemently shot down rumors that her hypeman Safaree had inflicted harm onto her, a 911 call has just been released from the incident, in which the rapper is heard screaming at a man.

Dallas police officials released the audio, obtained by TMZ, which seems to be the aftermath of the attack on Minaj. In the call, a man identified as Hotel Palomar's front office manager dials 911 dispatchers to ask for police assistance at the location due to a guest in Room 825 refusing to open the door. An obvious argument between Minaj and another individual occurs in the background of the call.

The 'Super Bass' entertainer is heard screaming "No!" repeatedly during the course of the conversation, after the manager seems to be yelling out her name to assist her. An unidentified man is then heard saying, "Let me see your phone right now! Put your phone away right now sir," which apparently is in reference to the hotel manager calling 911. "The police are on their way so," the manager replies. "I called 911 and they're on their way right now."

Before hanging up with 911, the Palomar manager confirms the Young Money artist was assaulted by someone. "Did you hear all that? It's pretty crazy up here right now," he reveals to the dispatcher. "This is a celebrity profile group. This is Nicki Minaj... she got hit in the face by somebody, too. I'm sure you got that on tape. She got hit."

Listen to the 911 call involving Nicki Minaj here.

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