Corpus Christi, Texas Mayor Joe Adame is in the center of a brewing controversy over his appearance in a profanity-laden rap video by a local rapper.

Mayor Adame appears in the introduction of the video for a song called 'That's Not How You Represent Tha 361,' by rapper Michael White, speaking the chorus. Unbeknownst to the Mayor, the song is a diss track aimed at rival rap group Only a Handful Family, who recorded a similar song entitled 'I'm From Corpus.'

The mayor's cameo follows a scene wherein a man wearing a red stocking over his face dances with a bra on in a fast food restaurant. The song is full of expletives and threats of violence, including lines like "Get yo p---- blown out like dynamite in your tutu" and referring to Only a Handful Family as "Justin Bieber a-- f-----s."

Mayor Adame allegedly was unaware of the song's content when he filmed his cameo for 'That's Not How You Represent Tha 361.'

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