Foxy Brown is back in trouble with the law, and while she has been prone to arrests and lawsuits in the past, her latest lashing comes at the hands of a judge.

Brown showed up two hours late to court for a contempt trial, and the judge didn't mince words in response to her tardiness. "Don't put me in a position when I'm going to remand you to make sure you're here at 9:30," Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Josh Walsh, told the rapper. "Court starts at 9:30, not when you roll in."

After receiving the scolding, Brown -- who was said to be emotional during her court appearance -- blamed her lawyer, Salvatore Srazullo, for telling her to be at court at 11:30AM. "This is b-------. I'm always here on time," she said. "This is why I'm peeved." She also alluded to possibly firing Srazullo, stating that she had a "big decision to make," but according to Srazullo there are no ill feelings between he and Brown.

Figuring out what time to be in court is the least of Brown's worries these days. The 32-year-old rapper is set to go to trial for allegedly exposing her rear-end to her neighbor, violating a protective order put in place by the woman, who she has had run-ins with in the past. The troubled MC has a reputation for bad behavior, reportedly getting kicked off of radio host Tom Joyner's cruise ship earlier this year, and getting booted out of an after-party during New York fashion week.

Brown's trial is scheduled to begin July 12.

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