Last month, news spread of Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell's taking an even deeper dive into the politic tank. Now, the former member of controversial hip-hop group 2 Live Crew is one of dozens to file the necessary paperwork to run for mayor of Florida's Miami-Dade County, hoping to improve the quality of life the section of the Sunshine State.

While filing to have his name placed on the May 24 special election ballot, the 50-year-old ex-rapper spoke to a crowd on taking the job seriously. "My major hurdle is people taking me seriously, a lot of people think this is a joke," he said. "I call it a banana republic and I'm serious about it. You look at the commission and they make their own rules as they go, regardless of what the county attorney says, they make their own rules, just do what they want. They have no respect for the people."

Campbell outlined his plans if he were elected mayor, focusing on revitalizing the small business environment, redeveloping the area by stabilizing neighborhoods and beautifying the visual aesthetic of the county. Additionally, he voiced his public safety concerns by proposing to build stronger links between the law and community, as well as provide affordable housing and encourage adults to engage with the youth.

The shift in careers may come as a surprise to those familiar with 2 Live Crew. Founded in 1985, the group offered explicit content and images with their albums, while their 1989 offering 'As Nasty As They Wanna Be' become one of the first LPs to get a Parental Advisory sticker for its graphic content.

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