Three years ago, Tank was in a cyclone of emotions while recording his music. He was experiencing one of life's uppercuts, which turned his third album, 'Sex, Love & Pain,' into a project of anguish. However, time heals all wounds, and the Wisconsin native has returned with 'Now or Never,' his fourth opus and first release with Atlantic Records.

"Sex Love & Pain,' which was more of a darker album, I had been through a lot of things and I was expressing them on that album," Tank tells The BoomBox. "The transition from then to now has been great, as far as being awarded Grammys and being nominated and being part of successful projects. That success and all of these things, it's put me in a different place."

Upon listening to the sweat-inducing lyrics of his first single, 'Sex Music' ("Girl I love your birthday suit/ Sure looks good on you/ I just want to lick you from head to toe/ I'ma have you screaming oh"), the crooner is seemingly on a road to bliss with 'Now or Never,' which is set for a November 2 release.

"It's a happier album, I'm appreciating more, I'm celebrating more," he admits. "The sexual experiences on the album are deep but they're not dark. It's a great moment on the album where I think everyone can ride and have a smile on their face."

For ardent fans worrying if he ditched his signature sound, the R&B veteran promises not to disappoint. "It's still the classic R&B that you know me for, but it's also current sonically where it'll play along with a Drake record or right behind a Kanye record," he shares.

While the rumor mill sparked talk of guest appearances on the album from Rick Ross and Twista, Tank confirmed what his supporters have known for some time. "I'm a very stand-alone artist, but I'm also for artists that want to work with me," he states. "I've been pretty successful at just being me."

The collaborators that did make the cut were beatmaker Jim Jonsin and songwriter Rico Love, who together crafted the song 'When It All Goes Down.' "It's a very unforgettable 808 moment," Tank says. "Like when the track came on, everyone's face in the room just screwed up. I said, 'I gotta have it.' Rico Love actually wrote that record. He put some sexiness on top of it, melody-wise. It just came together. It's a blend like nothing else that's out right now."

There's also 'Keep It 100,' a track created by Tank's production team Song Dynasty. According to him, the song is one that speaks directly to those involved in a relationship.

Tank, whose built a lauded career by not only masterminding bedroom anthems but producing for the likes of Omarion, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland, is making his return to the music industry at a time where he sees most fitting. While so-called "R&B singers" are gaining radio spins with songs that are less rhythm and blues and more pop tunes, the 34-year-old's album resurrects the emotion and passion missing from many artist's catalogs.

"Not very many--and I say that on a grand scale--like there aren't very many R&B records on a major format as far as music that's on the radio that aren't poppy," Tank shares. "I think that's because we just haven't found a way to make the passionate and the classic R&B fit in with everything that's going on. I think I accomplish that by grabbing those heartfelt moments and combining them with the music that will fit in. Like we sneak in the door with the music, but then we deliver this passion. You thought it was the same old thing but it's not, its something totally different."

As far as his competitors, Tank's not fazed by their movement in the least. "I do what I do, and I feel like I'm the best at it," he continues, "We've groomed a sound that I think is gonna take the world by storm."