Hip-hop's relationship with the Illuminati is a funny thing. Through the power of message boards, awfully-produced YouTube conspiracy videos or pictures of rappers with apparent triangles in them, an army of radical idiots have made themselves loud enough to warrant a short but necessary "shut the hell up." Talib Kweli happily takes on that duty on his new single, 'The Wormhole.'

"Y'all n----s lost me soon as you steady trying to tell me which rappers are in the f---ing Illuminati. And I'm like, show me the proof, right? And n----s start talking the Anti-Christ and aliens and s---. Save the ghost stories for the kids, n----," he opens on the track.

The Brooklyn MC continues to condemn the foolery over Oh No's warbly synths and quick-fire drums, hipping the masses to the real roots of the storied secret society before highlighting how ridiculous it is to think that today's rap stars are part of the agenda. Naturally, Kweli's lecture is peppered with clever, insightful wordplay.

"Of course there are forces against you and that's a fact / But don't get caught in the distractions, it's bigger than any rapper / The truly oppressed ain't got the luxury of inventing a monster / The Devil incarnated is much realer than the Devil in concert," he spits.

'The Wormhole' serves as the first sample of Kweli's upcoming album, 'Gravitas,' which arrives Dec. 15. As previously reported, the project will be sold exclusively through KweliClub.com in the rapper's aim to cut out the middleman and forge a "direct relationship" with fans.

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