Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek recently reunited under their Reflection Eternal moniker for a new mixtape called 'The Re:Union.'

"We got history," said Kweli told MTV's Mixtape Daily. "When I listen to the mixtape, sometimes I forget how dope we are. It was important people did the knowledge. You might not know I'm on my seventh album or that Hi-Tek dropped three solo albums. People in the mainstream culture come up and say, 'Talib, where's your beard?' I haven't had a beard in 10 years."

Our favorite song off the tape is the Blackstar-reuniting 'Just Begun' -- a vintage little number driven by a hypnotic jazz sample that also features Jay Electronica and J. Cole. The lyricism is seriously out of control on this one with all the MCs running laps around each other and dropping pointed punchlines like it was the easiest thing in the world.

"The record started, Hi-Tek had a sample idea," explained Kweli regarding the track. "A song he was working on in the studio ... He flipped it. I was like, 'That's dope right there.' I had the verse. I was in the studio kicking it with Jay Electronica. I was like 'You might need to get on this Reflection Eternal album.' I was talking to J. Cole, trying to get some ideas. Then I was like, it might be crazy if I got Jay Electronica and J. Cole on the same record. Two new dudes on the record with me... They killing it, doing they thing. So I was like, 'Nah.' I had to go get some support, so I called my man Mos."

The duo plans to drop an official full-length entitled 'Revolutions Per Minute' later this year.

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