President Barack Obama Compares Michelle Obama to Beyonce
Michelle Obama covers the latest issue of Vogue (via New York Mag) and in the story President Barack Obama compares his wife to Beyonce. "I used to only have, like, two suits," the President says, with the First Lady chiming in that "This is the man who still boasts about, 'This khaki pair of pants I've had since I was 20...
Michelle Obama Teaches Dr. Oz How to Dougie — Video
First Lady Michelle Obama has a number of impressive credentials on her resume, but no one knew that hip-hop dance craze known as the dougie was one of them. Pres. Obama's wife visited talk show host Dr. Oz today to chat about keeping America fit, a special event held by Jay-Z and Beyonce and offered a lesson on how to perform the dance, inspired by Cali Swag District's track "Teach Me How to
Beyonce Takes Home Millennium Award at Billboard Awards
Stevie Wonder said it right: "Beyonce's made history and she's not even 30 yet." But others -- her father, mother, sister Solange, nephew, First Lady Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Babyface, Bono, Barbra Streisand and her 'Single Ladies' producer The-Dream -- also weighed in on the classy rise to success of Beyonce Knowles over the past decade during the intro video to the singer's 2011 Bill
Beyonce Joins Harlem School for Surprise Let’s Move! Dance
First Lady Michelle Obama took her Let's Move! anti-obesity project to middle schools across the country yesterday with some help from campaign star Beyonce. At 1:42PM on Tuesday (May 3), middle school students across the nation gathered to mimic Beyonce's workout dance moves, as part of the First Lady's "Let's Move Flash Workout," a taped performance that would be broadcast nationally..
Hip-Hop Violinist Miri Ben-Ari Invited to White House
First Lady Michelle Obama has extended an invitation to the "hip-hop violinist" Miri Ben-Ari, for the entertainer to spend a day at the White House in honor of Women's History Month. The Grammy-winning violinist, who has worked with Kanye West, Alicia Keys and T-Pain, is one of 25 women from various backgrounds who has been deemed a "remarkable women" by the first lady... Read
Beyonce Featured in Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ Video
When Beyonce released the music video for 'Single Ladies,' it became a viral hit with people of all ages, races and sex uploading their own take on the choreographed number. Now, Beyonce is teaming with First Lady Michelle Obama in her initiative to combat childhood obesity with an instructional dance/exercise video...
Solange Fires Back at Sarah Palin’s Comments Against Obamas
Beyonce's spirited younger sister Solange Knowles has come out as a vocal critic of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, after reading that Palin called Michelle Obama a racist. The controversial Tea Party proponent is currently peddling a new book 'America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag,' in which she claims that President Obama and his wife are "unpatriotic,&quo

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