Ever since dropping the powerful cut "War Zone" a while back, T.I. has made it his business to discuss some of the social ills in the United States, as well as Donald Trump's presidency.

After penning an open letter to Trump and then calling out Kanye West and Steve Harvey for meeting with him, Tip stuck up for Congressman John Lewis, who Trump disrespected on Twitter recently.

"Congressman John Lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities of the U.S.," tweeted the President-Elect, after Lewis said he wouldn't attend the upcoming inauguration.

Tip, like many other people, was offended by Trump's tweets and responded by captioning on a video of Atlanta Mayor Kasim sticking up for Congressman Lewis. The Mayor also asked the soon-to-be President why he had a problem with the city of Atlanta.

"Well Kasim, Maybe it's our predominantly black government or our thriving community of self-sufficient black athletes, rappers, producers, actors, DJs, directors, celebrities, executives, real estate developers and entrepreneurs, who've worked their way to multi-millionaire legendary status in spite of the narrow minded oppressive thoughts of our neighbors only 45 minutes, an hour a way," answered T.I.

You can check out his full response, as well as a portion of Mayor Reed's speech below.

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