In a series of Instagram posts, T.I. questioned Kanye West and Steve Harvey, both of whom recently met with Donald Trump, supposedly to talk about concerns within the black community.

But Tip warned both entertainers that there's obviously a hidden agenda behind Trump's meetings.

“Attn.!!!! Be clear…. There IS an agenda behind all these meetings,” T.I. wrote in the first caption. “I shall explain in detail. Be aware. Be alert. Or Be Bamboozled!!!”

In the second post, he went on to say what a lot of black folks were thinking: Trump is using black celebrities to normalize his presence in the White House and secure support from the black population. Pop culture is incredibly influential in American society among all demographics. That given, it makes sense that Trump would call on black celebrities to move his agenda forward.

“They seen how adamantly against him being president the Hip Hop community and young black people in America was, so what do they do? They get Kanye West. He’s their representative," Tip says, before adding that he wants young people to understand that he's not okay with it, which is why he decided to say something.

T.I. talks about Harvey's connection to black women—a powerful one given the success of his radio and talk show, not to mention is comical hosting of Family Feud—and also called out Martin Luther King III for meeting with Trump on his dad's birthday, of all days, particularly when Trump has publicly criticized civil rights icon John Lewis for calling him an illegitimate president.

While he says it's fine to respect people with differences of opinion, its also obvious he wants black celebrities to think before they're used as pawns in an agenda that has not benefitted them.

At any rate, check the videos below.



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