Moving one step closer to her debut solo album Fin dropping, Syd stopped by Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show and delivered the sultry single "Body," where she sings about a certain woman.

"Drink in your glass, you drinking it fast / I'm watching you dance / You're watching my hands / Throw it back, babe / Give it to me don't hold back, babe / If your friends could see you right now / No lying, girl, I bet they'd wanna be you right now," she sings.

A couple of months ago, Syd sat down with Pharrell and talked about her solo debut, which she says will be far different than The Internet's stuff. She also spoke about the other group member's having individual projects as well.

"More than anything, you'll see what we all add to The Internet as individuals," she explained. "Like my album, you'll probably say, 'Oh, okay, I get it. She probably writes a lot of it."

The singer/songwriter also said her album will have sort of a mainstream feel. Look out for Fin when it drops on February 3.

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