Suge Knight can't stay out of trouble. The former Death Row Records CEO was caught on tape engaging in a fistfight with another man at the Las Vegas Aria Hotel early Saturday morning (March 12).

In the tape, Suge is shown just outside of the casino throwing punches at another man, though he fails to land a single jab. According to eyewitnesses, the other man involved in the fight initiated the spar, telling Suge, "I can take you."

Shortly after the two began to tussle, the cops showed up to break up the fight, though no arrests were made. Due to guest privacy policies, the hotel would not confirm if charges were filed.

Though he got off the hook this time, the West Coast mogul has racked up a lengthy rap sheet. Most recently, he was pulled over last month and busted for driving with a suspended license. His truck was impounded in Beverly Hills, and while he evaded arrest, the policeman who stopped him wrote him up.

In December 2010, he was arrested after a $40,000 bench warrant was filed for failure to appear at a Los Angeles Court. He was supposed to go before a judge to sort out two tickets he had received after going through a red light earlier in September, but never appeared at his November hearing.

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