Suge Knight is talking about the death of Tupac again in a rambling one minute video released by TMZ.

This time, the 6-foot, 2-inch former CEO of Death Row Records suggests Diddy killed Tupac. He's mad at the fact that the Bad Boy founder gets so much love and acceptance from the mainstream media.

"You'll have 90 motherf---ers walk down the street and say Suge Knight killed Tupac, when everybody knows off the top I ain't the n---- who killed Tupac. I'm the n---- protected Tupac," explained Knight. "But at the same time bitch ass Puffy, [people] can give him a motherf---ng [Hollywood] star, and every writer in the world said he's the one who killed Tupac or had him shot."

Knight also alludes to the fact that the legendary West Coast rapper is still alive, since people have admitted to shooting him, but nobody has been arrested yet.

"Why do you think nobody's been arrested if they said they're the one who killed Tupac?" Knight questioned. "Because Tupac's not dead, n----. If he was dead they would have arrested those dudes for murder. You know he's somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar."

Well, those are some interesting words to digest. Of course, if he was alive, we'd want that new album ASAP.