It’s safe to say that Suge Knight is under a lot of stress right now. Following his arraignment on murder and attempted murder charges, the former rap mogul had a panic attack and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

CBS Los Angeles reports that Knight was arraigned today (Feb. 3) in a Los Angeles courtroom where he pleaded not guilty to various murder charges. The case stems from an incident last Thursday in which Knight ran over friend Terry Carter with his pick-up truck after an altercation. The attempted murder charges are related to Knight hitting actor Cle “Bone” Sloan with his vehicle -- he was not killed.

Sloan’s attorney, Michael Shapiro, says the 51-year-old Sloan is in bad shape with a mangled foot.

“He’s kinda lucky to be alive. One of the tires went over his midsection," he said. "I suspect that a 165-pound man against a 5,000-pound car, it’s not a good battle. But I think he’s in shock that he even survived."

Following his hearing, the 49-year-old co-founder of Death Row Records was experiencing chest pains and was rushed to the hospital. His condition is still unknown at this time.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating Knight's fatal hit-and-run case as a homicide. Authorities believe that Knight intentionally used his vehicle as a weapon during his fight with the two men. Knight’s attorney, James Blatt, contends that it was an accident and that Knight was trying to leave after he was being assaulted by both men.

A new bail hearing is scheduled for Monday (Feb. 9) and a preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 19. If convicted on the charges, Knight faces life in prison.

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