Looks like an old tax bill is coming back to haunt former rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight. As if his mounting financial disasters aren't bad enough, TMZ is reporting that the 44-year-old owes $6,578,696.31 in unpaid taxes. The colossal bill was revealed through court documents stating that a lien, which stems from Knight's 1996 tax return, was filed in 2003 and re-filed in January of this year.

Paying such a hefty bill may be a little hard for Knight as he reportedly makes just $1,200 per month, which he revealed after an ex came after him for unpaid child support. No doubt Knight has lots of bills to pay and little revenue to cover it all. His former label Death Row Records -- which was auctioned in 2008 to the highest bidder -- sold more than 100 million albums and generated close to $750 million in revenue. In February, Knight's personal belongings were sold for non-payment on a storage facility. He also put his house up for sale last year, after filing for bankruptcy.

Amidst his financial issues, Knight is attempting to make a comeback by way of the reality show 'Unfinished Business,' chronicling his attempt to find new talent for his new label Blackball Records.

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