Suge KnightLast week it was reported that former Death Row label head Marion "Suge" Knight was detained by the LAPD, but according to his lawyer, Marc Brumer, the allegations against him are false. "It's been an unfortunate situation" Brumer told The BoomBox. "He's innocent. He never had a gun. The police should've done an investigation before they arrested him." Knight has since been released after posting $60,000 bail.

According to Brumer, Knight was picking up his artist, when he was pulled over in the early hours of May 20. Knight, who was driving his Cadillac Escalade in Gardena, California, was wanted by authorities for allegedly pulling a gun on a man in South Los Angeles one day prior. Brumer went on to theorize that Knight continues to be targeted due to his success and high profile status. "He draws a crowd wherever he goes. He's 6'3," 350 pounds. People come up to him, they want autographs. I guess where this happened there was a crowd of people."

This recent run-in with the law marks the second time this year that Knight has found his name in media for allegedly committing criminal acts. In March, he was suspected of attacking and robbing Bay Area rapper Yukmouth of $92,000 in jewelry at a Southern California grocery store. Yukmouth later refuted the claims of assault, stating that the police falsified the story in an attempt to get to Knight. Despite his growing legal issues, Brumer insists that Knight's reputation precedes him, regardless of his efforts to move on from his criminal past."He paid his debt to society," he said. Among Knight's latest projects include developing artists for his new record label, and working on a reality show. "He is 45-year-old, this is not the '90s its 2010. He's a business man."