After Suge Knight ran over Cle “Bone” Sloan in a hit and run in January, Sloan refuses to snitch on the former rap mogul, which he revealed during a preliminary hearing on Monday (April 13).

According to ABC7 Los Angeles, a teary-eyed Sloan told the court, “I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison." The 45-year-old movie consultant admitted that he was the aggressor in the incident, which ultimately, got his friend, Terry Carter, killed.

Knight’s attorney, Matt Fletcher, maintains that his client was trying to escape from the attack when he ran over the two men. In the middle of his testimony, prosecutors granted Sloan immunity, but he still refused to identify Knight as the man who ran him over.

Sloan was severely injured from the hit-and-run incident. He suffered two fractured ankles, an injured shoulder and torn ligaments in both knees. At the preliminary hearing, Sloan walked into the courtroom with a heavy limp.

You would would think after almost being paralyzed by Knight that he would help prosecutors put him in jail. Obviously, Sloan is abiding by the street code of “No snitching.”

If convicted on murder and attempted murder charges, Knight faces life in prison. Another hearing is scheduled for Thursday (April 16), where a judge will determine whether there's enough evidence for Knight to stand trial.

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