Former hip-hop mogul Marion "Suge" Knight just can't seem to keep his name out of the headlines. Knight was recently urged to cease and desist using the name 'BlackBall Records' for his current record label. According to documents, the owners of Black Ball Records stated Knight is in danger of copyright infringement should he continue to use the name.

Although the two names are spelled slightly different, the company claims to have been using the name since 2002, six years before Knight picked it up in 2008. Knight did however attempt to copyright the name in 2006, but ended court proceedings last year. Both sides have failed to reach a settlement agreement in the case, which will more than likely be resolved by the U.S. trademark office.

As the former label head of Death Row Records, Knight has experienced a very public downward spiral since the death of the label's star artist Tupac Shakur. The 44-year-old has become a fixture in the media more for his legal issues than his professional triumph. Earlier this year Knight was hospitalized following an attack during NBA All-Star Weekend and is also being sued by his ex-wife, singer Michel'le, for unpaid child and spousal support.

Knight has yet to release a statement regarding his pending legal woes.

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