Former B.I.G. protege, Styles P, recently shot down the comparisons made between the two "big black dudes" by Rick Ross manager, Diddy. "I just think it's because they're big, they're both dark skinned," Styles explained. "But to me, no disrespect to Ross, but Big's a one of a kind in the whole music industry. I don't think no one is ever going to be compared to B.I.G. Ross is definitely a spitter, definitely ill. I think it comes from that, he's got lyrics and he's big and it's been a long time since they had a big black dude that was lyrical so probably kinda automatic. Ross is in a class by himself and B.I.G.'s in a class by himself. I don't see the comparisons besides just being big and lyrical." Agreed. Sorry Dids. [HipHopDX]

In a recent interview with Billboard, Ice Cube lamented his "underdog status" as an independent artist, releasing albums on his own label. "I want my records to play on the radio too. And it's a shame that they don't because I'm not on a major label. That's what sucks, is that major labels get all the love when it comes to mainstream outlets and for people to hear the music, see the music and want to buy the music. It's an uphill battle, but I'm an underdog and I love taking this road. It's the only road I know, really." Said the Hollywood movie producer/actor who recently produced a TV series for TBS. [Billboard]