Veteran New York rapper Styles P got a big new look in 2010 with a feature verse on the Rick Ross smash 'B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast),' and he intends to capitalize on that buzz right into 2011 for his fourth solo album. Styles has had a long, fruitful career with partner-in-crime Jadakiss as a member of The LOX and even recently published a crime novel entitled 'Invicible' that was written on a Blackberry.

While details are rather scarce at this point, Styles has confirmed the album title via a tweet from producer Statik Selektah. Stat broke the news and claims that Styles will definitely be featuring his production wonders on a few of the new tracks.

"New @therealstylesp album title MASTER OF CEREMONIES," he tweeted earlier today (Jan. 24). "I'm on there!" He continued by saying that he is going extra hard on the lyricism because the world could be wiped out in 2012. "There is a big different between rappin and MC'in," he wrote. "Extra lyrical on this whole joint in case 2010 is a wipe out! Hahaha s--- is real!"

'Master of Ceremonies' has no release date as of yet.

Watch Rick Ross' 'B.M.F.' feat. Styles P

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