Meek Mill's sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, is finally here. After fans clamored for months for a new project from the Philly rapper, he's delivered on all facets with a project featuring rap heavyweights Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Future, among others.

With this serving as Meek's most endearing stab at mainstream notoriety, he blends his street demeanor with radio-ready productions. The MMG MC teams up with his lady, Nicki Minaj, on two tracks in hopes of spiking his popularity with the female demographic. The head Barb is assigned to hook duties on "Bad For You" while Meek earnestly cajoles his love into thinking he's more than a street dude and is in fact a romantic. "I'm just gonna give a key to my heart / I'm gonna let you open the door," he raps.

But, obviously, we know why we all became a Meek fan in the first place: he's the voice of the streets. "Lord Knows" isn't as strong as previous opus "Dreams & Nightmares," but it still serves as a formidable intro. The five-minute onslaught features Meek showcasing his bouncy and gritty flow, which is perfectly analogous to the dark instrumental laid out by Play Picasso.

"Classic" lives up to its title, as Meek is in pure form over the Bangladesh beat. With Swizz Beatz living on the hook, the rhymer is on the loose and freely flexes on his adversaries. "Spitting all this hot s---, every single bar cool / Diamonds in the Rollie face, animated cartoon," he delivers.

Meek's candor is also on full display when he bares it all on the "The Trillest." "I never wanted to be like Mike, I wanted to be like Mitch / Now all the lil' n----s wanna be like this," he raps confidently.

Overall, Meek continues the hot streak of dope albums releasing in 2015. Check out the streaming courtesy of Spotify below and give his album a listen. Do you think it's in the running for best album of the year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money Track List

1. "Lord Knows"
2. "Classic" feat. Swizz Beatz
3. "Jump Out the Face" feat. Future
4. "All Eyes on You" feat. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj
5. "The Trillest"
6. "R.I.C.O." feat. Drake
7. "I Got the Juice"
8. "Ambitionz"
9. "Pullin Up" feat. The Weeknd
10. "Check"
11. "Been That" feat. Rick Ross
12. "Bad For You" feat. Nicki Minaj
13. "Stand Up"
14. "Cold Hearted" feat. Diddy

Listen to Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money

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