Robert Henkel, step brother of the man former Bad Boy rapper G. Dep recently confessed to murdering, called the troubled MC an "idiot" for admitting his guilt 17 years after the crime. "I think he's an idiot," Henkel told the NY Post. "He has three kids and a wife. It was years and years and years ago. Finally, we're not always thinking about it and now it has to be dug up all again. His mother told him, 'Don't turn yourself in.' She was right...after all this time, yes, he just should have shut up. I've got mixed emotions about this whole thing...[G. DEp] might have made something of his life." Ouch. [NYPost]

Meanwhile, Tupac's step brother Mopreme Shakur dissed Funkmaster Flex recently, with a record called 'F--kmaster Flex.' He released a statement to explain his actions, saying "People are entitled to like or dislike music and that's a matter of taste. In that respect, Funkmaster Flex is entitled to his opinion," Mopreme said. "But his comments were also directed at Tupac's fans and berated them for continuing my brother's legacy. Not only is it childish of him to instigate drama in that way, it is completely disrespectful to my brother's legacy and the fans who keep him alive in their hearts every day. I'm not having that." Mopreme's a pretty cool name. Too bad he can't really rap. [HipHopDX]