Rapper Rosco P. Coldchain, signed to the Neptunes' Star Trak label, has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a double homicide. Born Amin Porter, the North Philadelphia performer has been linked to the shooting death of two men.

According to reports, the victims were gunned down Thursday evening and both later died in Philadelphia's Frankford Hospital-Torresdale. Although no public information regarding the victims' identities have been released, one is believed to have been 18-years-old.

Police searched the area following the shooting and questioned two men, including Rosco. He was later arrested in connection with the crime, but has not been formally charged.

The rapper spoke in an interview earlier this year about his legal troubles contributing to his career setbacks but said that he gained new focus. "I'm not holding back this year. I have been preoccupied with life, and wasn't concerned with this rap s---. Now my priorities have been redirected and refocused," he said.

Since signing with Star Trak entertainment, Rosco has collaborated with label mates The Clipse and Pharrell Williams. He released the mixtape, 'There Will Be Blood,' in October.