Isn't it annoying when you're trying to get some work done and your phone keeps buzzing? It's even more frustrating when the person on the other end has nothing important to say, is slowing up your money grind.

That's exactly what Stalley's new song "Line" is about, and he brought along Migos for the lyrical ride. The Ohio rapper spits first.

"Cell phone jumping / everybody and their mama on it / I been up counting money since about five in the morning / No time for interruptions / Fill the Goyard with the hundreds / Silences on the mac / All my youngins' down to punch shit," he rhymes.

Takeoff delivers an impressive showing with his triple time, staccato flow.

"I keep a K in the kitchen / Run in my kitchen and think that I'm slippin' / Then my n----, you gon' come up missing / Really it's suicide that you're committing," he spits.

"Line" is from Stalley's upcoming album Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil, which drops on Nov. 17. He also released an LP a few months ago titled New Waves, so it seems like he eats and sleeps in the recording booth these days.

You can rock to his new song below.

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