Soulja Boy recently revealed that he kept his shooting of a would-be burglar quiet, out of concern for his young fans, but now that he's 20, he doesn't care about those kids. "I really didn't want nobody to know that I shot somebody," Soulja explained. "My label [didn't] want that out there [because] when the robbery went down I had fans like 9, 10 years old. But being that I'm 20, I don't give a f--k no more. Ain't nobody take s--t [from me that night]." Feel you. [Vibe]

Killer Mike had some questions for alleged child-molestor Bishop Eddie Long. "If you are a bishop, yet you are not Episcopal or Catholic, why are you a f--king bishop?" Killer Mike queried. "That's not an attack on him, that's a credible question. How can I trust what you're saying, yet you don't belong to the organization your title holds?" Couple other questions, too.... [AllHipHop]

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