Having successfully converted to Rastafarianism, Snoop Lion has announced that his next challenge will be to become a mascot for for a Scottish soccer team. "I want to walk out with the team like a little kid with the banner. Yes, yes, make it happen. Hail, hail the Celts are here. Yabadabadoo!" OK. [AllHipHop]

Pusha T has denied being a member of the illuminessence. "My mother asked me the other day 'you know I hear you're part of something called the illuminessence.' And I'm like 'ma what are you talking about,'" Pusha T said. "And she's like 'you're part of something called the illuminessence, people in church told me you're part of something called the illuminessence.' Come to find out, she's talking about the Illuminati." [ChristianPost]

Lil Wayne explained his recent altercation at DirecTV's annual Beach Bowl football game this past weekend. "I don't like to be touched by people that I don't tell to touch me. So I'm a get out of the building because if I touch somebody I go to jail because they not the color of me. They not the same color I am so you know how that go," Wayne explained, sort of. "But to them, fuck you!" The party in question was a cameraman for the event, and Weezy is currently still on probation. [RapFix]

Newcomer Joey Bada$$ deleted his Twitter account on Feb. 1, then returned Feb. 3, writing "All my real n----s know i aint delete my twitter over no dumb shit." Guess they just can't stay away. [Twitter]

NPR made a list of their six favorite up-and-coming female R&B singers. We agree with some of their choices, but we definitely back Phlo Finister. She's the truth. [NPR]

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