Snoop Dogg went on Instagram to voice what pretty much everyone has been thinking since Kanye West recently went on two epic rants during the California leg of his Saint Pablo tour— "What the f--- is he on?"

Snoop then further expressed what the free world was thinking as he continued listening to Kanye go on and on... and on about Beyoncé, Jay Z and Taylor Swift: "This n---- crazy. I can't believe he still talking."

He continued by saying 'Ye picked the wrong city to go on a rant.

"He picked the wrong night to vent like that," Snoop says in the Instagram video. "Them Sacramento n----s ain’t feeling that s---. He shoulda had a bunch of weird motherf----s like you when he was talking that weird ass sh---."

Complete with hilarious facial expressions (peep Snoop's face when 'Ye says he was "hurt" by Beyoncé), Snoop's take on Kanye's rants pretty much sums up the thoughts of nearly everyone who's seen it—that ain't just weed making him act that way. While Talib Kweli made a heartfelt plea to Kanye to "come home," Uncle Snoop just wondered what he's on.

"I smoke weed," Snoop says as he inhales. "Weed don’t make you do that. What the f--- is he on?”

Check out Snoop's comical Instagram commentary below.


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