At this point, Kanye West may have alienated not only his fans but the music industry with his bizarre rants the last couple of days. However, he still has a friend in fellow rapper Talib Kweli.

Much like many of West’s fans, Kweli was disappointed in hearing the G.O.O.D. Music leader voice his support for President-elect Donald Trump. On Sunday (Nov. 20), the Brooklyn rhymer went on his Twitter account to deliver some tough love to the mercurial rapper-producer in a series of tweets.

Kweli urged West to rethink his position on Trump and understand that Black people are struggling and need strong-minded people to help build a stronger community of black and brown people.

"Feelings don't matter fam. Facts matter. Real n----s still got love for you. But our ppl dying out here. Never Trump," he tweeted. "The same way you want Jay to reach out to you, u should reach out to real n----s. Cuz someone ain't keeping it real w u fam."

Kweli also added, "We love u. u r everything u say u are. A genius, an icon. U added greatness to my life. But lifting Trump up kills us. Come home."

The two rappers' friendship goes back over a decade. Kweli's uplifting 2002 song "Get By" was produced by West.

Kweli wasn't the only rapper who delivered some real talk to Yeezus. Fellow rapper Mysonne called West a "cornball" but he brought truth to power with his critique of people putting "corny n----s" on a pedestal who aren't saying nothing.

Read Talib Kweli's tweets below:

Watch Talib Kweli's "Get By" Video