Snapchat is under fire after using Bob Marley's face for its latest face filter to celebrate 4/20 aka the ultimate weed smokers' holiday.

The new feature lets users superimpose Marley's face onto theirs -- including his skin color causing many to name it blackface. Others have cried foul while citing that the reggae icon, who crafted songs about love, revolution and having fun, is known for way more than smoking weed.

"The Bob Marley filter is tasteless, not because of race, but because he has absolutely NOTHING to do with 4/20," wrote one tweeter as "Bob Marley" continues to trend on Twitter. "I thought this was without saying but of course Bob Marley was more than a stoner, he was a talented musician and activist. Beautiful Human!" tweeted another.

There's even been some suggestions that would have been a better move for Snapchat. "You could've done a Wiz Khalifa filter. At least he's ALIVE & can approve it. The n---- has his own weed for Christ sake," read another tweet. 

We'd also vote for a Snoop Dogg filter -- sans black face of course.

However, if fans were expecting a call to action from the Marley estate, they will be disappointed. It turns out that the estate was in on the deal. In a statement to The Guardian, Snapchat shared that the lens was "created in partnership with the Bob Marley Estate."

In the meantime, hundreds of users have used the filter -- including Kylie Jenner who is also getting flack for the poor decision.

What do you think? Does associating Bob Marley with 4/20 belittle his legacy or does it fall in line with his activism and use of marijuana?

Check out the tweets below and a video of the filter in action.

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