Texas rapper Slim Thug almost became the unwitting victim of a possible terrorist attack yesterday.

According to his Twitter account of the ordeal, the Boss Hogg Outlawz rapper was asleep on a flight from San Jose, Calif. to his home in Houston,Texas, when he was awoken by a commotion on the plane. Apparently a passenger had attempted open one of the emergency doors in his row while the plane was still in mid-flight.

While no one was injured, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Albuquerque, N.M., after the unidentified man was subdued and restrained by fellow passengers. "So I'm sleep on this early morning flight back to the H why we just had a emergency landing some dude tried to open the exit door," Slim tweeted. "Why we was up in the air and the dam fool cracked a window on the plane WTF smfh and I was sleep through it all."

Though he was warned to turn off his cellphone, Slim Thug was still able to capture video of man being hauled off the plane by security, which is is viewable after the jump.

"I see I gotta stay alert while while flying cause It woulda been f---ed up if I woke up in a falling plane," Slim Thug concluded wryly. "I'll settle right now out of court for free first class seats for the rest of my life."

It is not clear at this time whether the passenger in question was attempting a terrorist act or was simply mentally unstable.

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