Slim Thug is lookin' for love. The Houston rapper recently posted an ad on Craigslist soliciting sex as a joke, posting pictures of himself along with a message that he just got out of a relationship and was looking for a rebound.

"I'm a 6'6" handsome, rich black male looking for a sex with no strings attached ;-) i just got out of a relationship and looking to get my rocks off," wrote Thugga, attaching three pictures in which he's mugging for the camera.

But after a few media outlets picked up the post, the MC took to his Twitter account to assure followers that the posting was made as a stunt to fool the media. "See how easy it is to trick the media they got me on all the websites for being on craigslist and y'all seen me make it the other day," wrote the prankster. "I probably f---ed your b---- if she's bad so if u believe I need craigslist to get pussy u win tge #DFA(dumbfuckaward) congrats."

Slim Thug, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas, is no stranger to stirring up controversy. In June 2010, he spoke to Playboy magazine about the trappings that come with dating black women, inciting a venomous response from detractors. "I said a few things that I guess offended a lot of black women or whatever, so they mad. But a blog is opinion though, so I don't understand why they mad at me," he later said, assuring that the conversation initially began in a "joking mood."

Watch Slim Thug's 'So High' feat. B.o.B
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