If there's anyone who's seen his fair share of ups and downs in the rap game, its Slim Thug but he continues to show an amazing amount of resiliency.

A couple of months ago, the Houston rhymer released his album Hogg Life, Vol. 4: American King, and he just dropped the video to the sample heavy cut "Real."

In the clip that's a little over three minutes long, a svelte looking Thug and his woman take a spin on his motorcycle and enjoy the sites of the city.

At one point, the rapper and his beautiful mate stop to pick up a new vehicle. Then the camera pans in on his jewelry, which includes a necklace with a diamond key hanging from it, a pricey looking watch and a huge diamond earring.

Throughout the video, it seems Thug wants to convey to people that he's still financially well-off, despite having somewhat of a lower profile compared to years past. In fact, it's something he says during the second verse of the song.

"They surprised when they see like he still paid / I tell 'em hustlers make money and bosses gon' boss / I been up for a minute and I'm still standing tall," he spits.

You can watch Slim's video above and purchase his Hogg Life, 4: American King album on iTunes.

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