"This goes back to one of the most basic rules; don't live beyond your means," he advises. "Don't buy a big house when you don't make big money. I always say if you can't buy it THREE times over, you can't afford it. Don't drive a Bentley on a Benz income."

In addition to living within your means, Slim Thug reveals in the book, which he dedicates to himself, that he has an obsession with finance expert Suze Orman.

"Our culture drives us in the wrong direction. Muthafuckas think blowing money is cool, when the shit is dumb. I want to stop mismanaging and start stacking. I'm going to be the black man – Suze Orman," he writes.

The 47-page book reveals Slim Thug's strategies for maximizing tour profits and selling records on consignment, advice best directed towards fellow rappers, perhaps, but also includes a personal photo gallery for fans.

"Another reason you should get my book is because it also has pictures," he tells SOHH. "It's real life pictures of me either partying or actually there's no telling what I'm doing in those photos. Being that it's me, it might get a little wild in there. I went through my personal collection of photos from my iPhone and just posted that shit."

Check out Slim Thug's How to Survive in a Recession here.

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