Has Shia LaBeouf been in the company of Gucci Mane? The Hollywood actor recently blamed his unprofessional behavior on an addiction to "lean" just like the rapper.

After being accused of plagiarizing comic book author Daniel Clowes for his new movie HowardCantour.com, Shia took to Twitter to address his actions (and deliver a subsequent apology). The 'Transformers' star blames his behavior on a lean addiction.

LaBeouf expressed his deep regret for his actions via a skywritten message on Jan. 1. "I am sorry Daniel Clowes," read the message.

Initially, LaBeouf tried to draw a distinction between copying and being inspired.

A page right out of Gucci Mane's book. The rapper blamed the drug for his Twitter meltdown in 2013. Gucci said his decade-long addiction led to his mental instability and "destroyed" him.

We wonder how Gucci Mane feels about his apology being plagiarized.