The outpouring of love for Atlanta rapper, Shawty Lo, who was killed in a car accident yesterday, continues.

Yesterday evening (Sept. 21), hundreds of people gathered in Bankhead for a candlelight vigil to honor the popular rapper. Lo is famous for his representation of Atlanta's westside, which earned him musical acclaim and established him as one of the most beloved figures in the city.

Even his former rival, T.I. expressed his sorrow for Lo's untimely passing, saying that they'd, of course, long since squashed their "trivial" beef.

"You truly represented Bankhead to the fullest!!!" T.I. wrote on Instagram. "My Heart goes out to his family,and his children as well. Even through our toughest times I must admit I was impressed,& kinda proud of how well you rep'd our hood,and how much you cared for it. It was a real relief to have someone else helping to lift Bankhead up & hold it there. Can't say enough about how much you meant to the city. Glad we matured beyond our trivial personal differences in time enough to have a laugh about it as neighbors. For those of us who were around & "in the mix" in the mid-late 90's,we know the "Legend of Lo" started waaaay before Music. We salute U G!!!! Rest easy,You'll truly be missed."

Lo's team also released a video yesterday for the rapper's song, "Put Some Respek On It," which is reportedly his final video.

You can watch the vigil below.

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