Sebastian Mikael may be a newcomer according to music industry standards but that doesn't mean there aren't some bigwigs in his corner.

While crafting his debut album, 'Speechless,' the R&B singer has worked alongside Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Rico Love. Lucky for the Slip-n-Slide Records signee, he's been privy to invaluable advice and wisdom from Love, who knows a thing or two about the business considering he's crafted hits for the likes of Beyonce, Usher and Chris Brown, to name a few.

"I feel like Rico Love is like my big brother," Sebastian tells The Boombox. "He always gives me good advice. He has so many great ideas on where you should go and what you should do [with your music]."

One of the gems Love has passed to the Swedish-born 25-year-old crooner is encouraging him to flex his skills with the guitar. "He's the one that really inspired me to go play my guitar because he's like, 'That's something that makes you really unique. You should focus on that and keep bringing that out in your music 'cause it's not that common,'" Sebastian shares.

On June 24, he will demonstrate his knack for combining instrumental talents and poignant lyrics with the release of his Slip-n-Slide Records debut, 'Speechless,' featuring production from Rico Love and Lamb & Bigg D ('Last Night'). "You lift me up, yeah, yeah / You take me high / Inside of me there's no gravity / You leave me speechless," the self-taught guitar player sings on the title track.

Watch Sebastian Mikael rely solely on his guitar and his moving vocals for an acoustic rendition of his song 'Speechless.'

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