R&B singer Sebastian Mikael released his debut album, Speechless, last year and now he arrives with a new offering in the form of "Money," a track about a stripper who possesses more than just sexy dance moves.

Over a lush guitar, the crooner sings of a woman who has bigger plans than just turning men on and using stripping as a means to an end. You also get the feeling that dancing will only be a brief chapter in her life and she'll eventually move on to bigger and better things.

"Could have went to law school suited up, but she's not a lawyer got a body instead / She just wants to give it up before it's too late / But no one can tell you to do with yourself," he sings.

The video for the funky ballad is directed by John Greene of Greene Films and it features a lovely young lady with dangerous curves. Although the woman is scantily clad, Greene does a fantastic job of keeping things classy while at the same time showing how beautiful and appealing the young lady is.

There's also some gorgeous winter shots, complete with untouched white snow and an eye-catching natural background.

When it comes to R&B videos these days, it seems that many singer's fail to align lyrics with a storyline, even if it's an abstract one. Not Mikael, because "Money" shows the singer had a clear vision of what he wanted to convey and the picture he wanted to paint. "I'm into awesome stuff. That's my goal to just do awesome stuff and inspire people to do that too," he tells The Boombox.

"The song is about a stripper grinding who's way smarter than she looks. She plays people for money. She's looking for a come-up, so she does whatever for the money, but she's gonna go beyond what everybody thinks. Being a stripper is just the phase she's in now," Mikael adds.

Watch Sebastian Mikael's scintillating "Money" video above.

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