If there's one thing to learn from a Sebastian Mikael listening experience it's that the Swedish-born singer is authentic. What you hear on his records is what you'll get when he performs live. Don't expect Auto-Tune-tinged vocals or crooning that doesn't meet its potential. Sebastian shows and proves why he's one of R&B's rising stars during an exclusive acoustic performance of 'Last Night,' the first single off his debut album, 'Speechless.'

The 25-year-old's smooth Lamb and Bigg D-produced ballad details his grown and sexy side -- just imagine what happens with his lady when the lights go out. Fans may not have even heard this track if it wasn't for some added urging from his friends.

"I was basically in Miami for months just figuring out the right direction that I wanted to go in," Sebastian tells The Boombox. "'Last Night' was actually not even going to be picked for the single. It was just a good song that I personally liked because it has a throwback feel mixed with something current. I was just feeling the whole vibe and the whole sound of the record. It wasn't until other people started coming in [to the studio] and heard it like, 'This is dope'..."

So how did Wale get involved in the project? "Basically that same day we were like, 'Wale would sound dope on this record.' We sent it over to him and he sent it back that same day -- his verses and all that. From there it was a go and we decided to go with that for the first single," the self-taught guitarist recalls.

The song will be featured on Sebastian's debut, 'Speechless,' due June 24. Clearly the title isn't at all literal considering he'll be quite loquacious on the effort.

"The title represents my journey, the whole album does, the whole album is my story and inspired by me moving from Sweden to the states," the '4 U' creator adds. "That whole time was really interesting. I left a long relationship that I was in when I was in Sweden just to pursue my dreams. And just the things that I had to go through to find my way. Just everything, the regular life drama stuff that you go through. 'Speechless' kinda just represents where I'm at today, seeing everything that I dreamt of doing, everything I saw it actually happened. It's my way of saying I'm thankful. Like I'm speechless."

Experience Sebastian Mikael's raw talent as he grabs his guitar and sings an acoustic version of 'Last Night' above.

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