Sean Kingston is in the mix of controversy again. This time the "Beautiful Girls" singer is suing Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in Los Angeles with claims that its security allowed him to get robbed of his $300K worth of jewelry. In lieu of the incident, Kingston is asking for a minimum of $900K.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit states that Kingston was in the V.I.P. section when security told him that another guest in V.I.P. wanted to speak with him. But their meeting went downhill quickly. The unnamed individual bashed Kingston with a champagne bottle and took his expensive pieces. It seems now that Kingston thinks the security was in on the assault. The cops showed up later on but by then Kingston and the perps were long gone.

This isn't the first time that Kingston was robbed of expensive jewelry.  But it may be a bit of poetic justice since Kingston is known for not paying for said jewelry. Back in 2014, Kingston was sued by a jeweler for not paying for necklaces, watches and expensive diamond pendants. Then, in 2015, he accused another jeweler of kidnapping him after he failed to pay off a $225,000 watch. And again in 2016. The man loves his expensive watches... just not paying for them.

Kingston may be ready to turn his life around though -- at least if he follows his own advice.

"Never focus on your past.. Just learn from your mistakes and keep Pushing forward.. Success is for everyone!" read a recent Instagram post earlier this week on July 4. Check it out below.

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