Although The Game recently said that he feels torn about his beef with Meek Mill given what's going on in the country with the killing of black civilians by police, it seems someone is trying to keep the drama brewing.

If you've noticed, the term ghostwriter has been floating in and out of hip-hop for the last year or so. It started when Meek Mill accused Drake of having someone pen his rhymes during their epic 2015 battle.

Today, the Philly rapper is embroiled in another back-and-forth, this time with The Game, who dropped two diss tracks in "92 Bars" and "Pest Control," which both contain some pretty potent lines.

But according to one person, the Compton native shouldn't get too much credit for lines like, "Riding around, 10 Cam Newtons in the Tahoe / And when we touch down everybody catching spirals," because he uses a ghostwriter. At least that's what Chino from the DreamChasers said.

According to the loyal Philly crew member, a man by the name of Marcus Black wrote "Pest Control" and it wasn't the west side spitter.

"I know The Game ghostwriter," tweeted Chino. "Btw, he's from Chicago. He ran with some good Baltimore dudes."

"Can someone tell The Game stop it ... It's public, and it's always been in the streets. Ain't no telling over here with the Chasers, homie ... Marcus Black wrote that. That's a fact," he added.

Of course, Chino hasn't backed up his claims with any proof as of yet, so who knows if folks will believe him.

In the meantime, while making his promotional rounds in New York City, Chuck Taylor stopped by Ebro Darden's Beats 1 radio show and went into detail about why he has issues with Mill.

According to The Game, he, Meek and Kingston were at an L.A. nightclub at the same time, and the Documentary 2 spitter sent Meek a bottle of Rosé. He also warned the MMG artist about a recent string of robbers in the area. At one point during the night, Kingston's chain was stolen, and he called Game afterwards and told him that Meek said he was responsible.

"Nah, I didn't tell that fat motherf----- nothing," the Compton spitter claimed Meek said when he called him. "I'ma call him on three-way."

Despite Mill's denials, The Game said he's convinced that the Philly rapper mentioned his name to Kingston. "And at the end of the day, the things that Sean Kingston told me about what Meek told him is part of the conversation I just had with Meek when I handed him the bottle," Game theorized. "So I know for a fact that that's what he said."

As far as Chino's ghostwriter claims, the west coaster hasn't responded yet, but he probably will at some point.

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