The beef between The Game and Meek Mill continues to rage on as the rappers trade insults with each other on Instagram.

Initially, the Compton rapper was going to step back from the feud in light of the killing of Terence Crutcher by police in Tulsa, Okla. However, the beef is heating up again after The Game stop through Philadelphia and eat a cheesesteak.

Then he posted a video about a rumor that Meek and his crew allegedly pummeled Beanie Sigel because he settled his beef with The Game. Then an affiliate of Meek posted videos threatening bodily harm to The Game.

Nevertheless, Game and Meek are still throwing shots at each other on Instagram.

The Game posted a photo of a man who looks similar to Meek with long auburn hair sitting on the bus. "#Meesha think she slick.... ain't no hidin from this ass whooping you got coming," he wrote, adding a slew of rat emojis. In another photoshopped picture, Meek, Beanie Sigel and Omelly's faces on the bodies of two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Master Splinter.

In response, Meek posted a photo and imploring fans to stop supporting frauds, which we have to assume he's talking about The Game. "ITS ALMOST LIKE PLAYING A GAME WITH RULES AND CHEATING BUT STILL GETTIN RESPECTED! JUST KNOW NOBODY WILL CHEAT THE GAME AND LAST THRU THE MARATHON! THRU IT ALL IM STILL GLOWING LIKE BRUCE LEE ROY! #CHASERS" he wrote in the caption.

Meanwhile, The Game's manager, Wack 100, claims that Sean Kingston has filed an order of protection against the Compton rapper. Of course, this isn't sitting well with Chuck Taylor and he expressed his displeasure in a now deleted Instagram post. “I aint coming nowhere near you bum, you snitching,” he wrote. “But [you] was talking tough all in Patois the other day.” You can peep the evidence at

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