Two weeks after his jet-skiing accident, singer Sean Kingston is on the fast track to recovery. Kingston is now walking in his hospital room, moving around on Monday (June 6) morning.

TMZ reported that Kingston has taken his very first steps since the accident that left him in the intensive care unit for the past few weeks. "Sean is breathing on his own and walked for the first time this morning," a rep told the site. "Sean Kingston continues to be hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. His condition has been upgraded to serious."

The 21-year-old was hospitalized after getting into an accident while riding on his brand new jet-ski with a female companion. Kingston hit a bridge and plummeted into the water losing his life jacket in the process. He was pulled from the water by a passerby, Jonathon Rivera, who waited with him until he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Although he was in critical condition, witnesses said that he was alert at the time of the accident but was spitting up blood.

Last week, Kingston was said to be communicating with sign language and head nods. Doctor's expect him to make a full recovery within the next six months.

Watch Sean Kingston's 'Fire Burning'

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