Cash Money boss Birdman discussed his feelings about Magnolia Shorty's recent death. "When you lose a loved one that's a hell of a feeling," he said. "Words can't even describe so when you lose someone like your child, it's another type of feeling that you've got to live with. So we just take it like it comes and live with what's put before us...As a person she was a sweetheart because she was a part of us, that's my family, that's my daughter...As far as her music, she did what she wanted to do and I supported whatever she wanted to do. She was on that traditional Bounce music, New Orleans style and she did it well, probably one of the best that ever did it. But you got to live with what's brought before us so rest in peace, we love her." R.I.P. [RapFix]

Lloyd Banks recently discussed his feelings on rap beef, saying "A lot of the beefs were sparked by other artists. If I feel like its worth it and you say something towards me, I'm gone respond. It's hip-hop. But maturity plays a big part and you differentiate between the rap s--t and a real passionate problem with someone." Yeah, like a problem with a rapper that you're also madly in love with. [HipHopWired]