Ice T's paramour Coco continues her relentless quest to let America know that her back yard is real. She recently blogged: "My parents have some great genes. would like to also mention the muscle that sits on the top of my butt (pictured below) Not everybody can build this. It has to be in your genes. Its kinda looks like the top of a heart shape. I use heavy weights to work this area." [Globalgrind]

Former playmate Kendra has had her share of hardships in life; she didn't know how to shop or do laundry before she got her own reality show, she had to move out of the playboy mansion and into one of her own, and now she has to think of a name for her baby with her husband, NFL player Hank Baskett. "Hank and I have soooo much to do to prepare for our baby's arrival, but one thing we can already cross off our list is coming up with a name. We've already decided to name our son Hank Baskett IV!!!" [People]

Swizz Beatz broke down 'What's Real' in a recent interview. "I think hip-hop is missing something that's real. And that's why we did "Who's Real" because...when we first dropped 'Ruff Ryders Anthem,' everybody felt like they was real. But you know, from that time to now, you don't really know who is real, because everything is so watered down." We just want to call a moratorium on the "real" in hip-hop. We love Swizz, but how you gonna discuss "rappers being real" on a yacht and then later plug your upcoming painting exhibit? [Youtube]

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