Rick Ross celebrated the poor opening week sales of 50 Cent's 'Before I Self Destruct,' at a recent concert for DJ Khaled's birthday, saying, "We celebrating my n---- birthday, but we're also celebrating the demise of a p----. R.I.P. to the donkey, we buried him...It feel good, n----. Don't look surprised, you knew we was gonna do it." Damn, 50. Might have to let Ross's kids take you out for ice cream, or something. [AllHipHop]

Hurricane Chris is coming back with a new album called 'Unleashed.' He's also figuring out this whole "music business" thing, slowly, but surely. "We got a lot of business that be going on behind the scenes [that's being worked out]. You get in music, most of the time you think it's just going to be all about music, but there's a lot of business behind it. I'm going through a whole lot with them record labels just trying to make them speed that process up because I got like 10,000 hits that I'm ready to drop. I had to jump "Halle Berry" of on my own and then they got behind it. You basically gotta promote yourself now." Yeah, it's called the "music business." [HipHopWired]