While performing in NYC last night, R. Kelly talked about beating his child pornography case, "This is the first tour since my court case...I'm still here. I'm still here!" he announced, then launched into song, "When I was walking outta court, I was singing to myself, 'Heaven, I need a hug/ Is there anybody out there ready to embrace a thug?'" Alright Kells, take it down a notch. [MTV]

Noreaga's tweets continue to rule, "Starving I may have to eat fish salmon they don't know what vegan means out here in PENN STATE!!!" [Twitter]

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert discussed his debut album, saying "I wanna rock, I want people to dance, I want people to cry, I want people to smile and laugh, I wanna play dress-up!" Don't know the dude's music, but it sounds pretty annoying. [MTV]